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Meet InspireX: a group of Cronos companies that builds solutions with Microsoft technology. Our team of more than 125 experienced and knowledgeable consultants knows the ins and outs of every piece of Microsoft technology.

With clients such as the Royal Belgian Football Association, sdworx, Partena Professional, AZ Maria Middelares, … we have built up our expertise in a wide range of industries. We also work closely together with Inspire Sports, another group of Cronos companies that focuses on revolutionizing the sports industry.

Together, we want to be the trusted partner of our customers and help companies to shape their future business. Our aim is to guide companies through their digital transformation by means of innovative but relevant technology.


Patient Education

Patients at the AZ Maria Middelares hospital who will undergo surgery to correct Hallux Valgus, get educated on the procedure in 3D by means of an animated hologram, using Microsoft HoloLens.


M-ighty offers a unique EWS concept that enables healthcare professionals to more effectively monitor and promote patient health, while reducing workload in hospitals.

Hololens in Construction

Two scenarios that showcase how the Microsoft HoloLens can bring added value to the construction industry.


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