29 May 2018 3 takeaways from Microsoft Build 2018

Microsoft Build is the annual developer conference held by Microsoft Corp. Building for AI is more important to developers than ever, as technology continues to change the way people live and work every day, across the cloud and across edge devices.

10 Apr 2018 CITYSENSE: Het kloppend hart van Knokke-Heist – Powered by Aptus

Met behulp van een zestigtal sensoren die geconnecteerd zijn via het gloednieuwe Sigfox netwerk, gaat de kustgemeente voortaan slimmer om met energie, mobiliteit en veiligheid.

10 Apr 2018 Zullen chirurgen straks opereren met de hulp van Augmented Reality?

In samenwerking met UZ Brussel werken we bij Cronos Groep aan het INHOVA-project (Intra-operative Hololens Visual Assistence) . Op termijn zal dat chirurgen helpen om operaties inhoudelijker effiënter voor te bereiden, of visuele assistentie op basis van MRI/CT scans tijdens de operatie te verbeteren.

10 Apr 2018 On how I learned the skills to build my first working chatbot

I am new to chatbots and three weeks before I was mainly fluent in MATLAB. Therefore, I will not go into detail about how I built the chatbot. I believe I didn’t do a bad job, but probably you can still catch me on something I could’ve done more elegant. Instead, I will elaborate on six personal rules I used to gather enough knowledge to build a first working chatbot with LUIS, C# and the Microsoft Bot Framework in my first three weeks at Arinti with no prior experience at all.

10 Apr 2018 Will machines ever learn to read our minds?

Aren’t we all a bit afraid of it? Of robots that are able to read our thoughts and mind? The absolute end of privacy? But will it ever come that far?

10 Apr 2018 Robots in the City Hall? About our Proof of Concept with TomorrowLab and the city of Aalter (BE)

Arinti and InspireX made national press with a Proof of Concept we’ve been working on for the city of Aalter (BE), together with TomorrowLab. The city is looking at different ways to improve and modernize communication with citizens (Chatbot technology, Smart City Furniture, …). Part of this program was a trial at the city hall with our humanoid robot Pepper.

12 Mar 2018 Voicebots and Call Center Automation

We’ve all had our good and bad experiences with call centers. What if we could develop a solution that can help call-center agents to focus on the part in their job that actually matters: helping someone solve a problem. Enter voicebots.

01 Mar 2018 DataScout // About using data in sports

Data was never so important in sports as it is today. Clubs in all professional sports hire data analysts, data scouts and their opinion is gaining importance. But it’s one thing to generate data, it’s another to do something useful with it. And here is an open field that we want to cover.

22 Feb 2018 Why is Microsoft Office 365 expensive?

Now why do I wonder if Office 365 is expensive? A small amount per user per month, so emotionally it is a low cost for lots of value. Multiply this small amount with the number of employees in your company and calculate the total cost on a period of 3 to 5 years and you will change your opinion! That’s a lot of budget you need to spend. On top Microsoft makes it very difficult not to subscribe to their cloud services so you might conclude that Office 365 is expensive.